7 Layer Skinz Custom skin wraps

DJI Mavic Pro Skin

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$29.99 USD

Customize to match your personality, season and style. 

Protect and pamper your drone from scratches and small dings with the industries most durable vinyl skins available. We use the highest quality 3M on the market today. 7 Layer Skinz adds an enhanced grip and feel to reduce the unsightly result of drone drops. All of our wraps are textured, unlike the competition who simply have cheap glossy finishes, to give you the feel and look that you're looking for.

Installation is a breeze. Since we use premium 3M vinyl, you'll have no worries of air bubbles being caught under your skin and icky residue being left behind when you decide to remove and replace with a new style.

Ultra precise, damage free removal and Canadian Made.

We back our products with a full money back guarantee or replacement for all manufacturing defects.

Includes: 1 Full Back Skin, 1 Microfiber Cloth.