7 Layer Skinz culture is inspired by a quote from Sir Richard Branson. "Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress". From gamers to professionals, everyone can benefit from 7 Layer Skinz bespoke vinyl film wraps. We not only value all of our customers, we hear them.

Our customers can achieve the very best look and feel to all their personal devices. We add only the most innovative, high-quality products to our portfolio. Each design has gone through multiple revisions (literally hundreds at times) to ensure the perfect fit.This is how over the last few years 7 Layer Skinz has developed into the first port of call when it comes to vinyl skins.

Head Slayer- CEO of 7 Layer Skinz

7 Layer Skinz is a great place for anyone who loves technology & customization, and wants to bring the best products to the community. Established since 2016, 7 Layer Skinz is the world renowned skin brand that always delivers for the customer. We provide bespoke skins for most major consumer electronic categories that show demand. Namely, smartphones, laptops, gaming, smart home, tablets and drones.


We started off as a company that

knew it could be done better

We believe that everyone needs and deserves very high quality accessories for their daily devices. Our designs are carefully crafted from our in-house experts. All our vinyls are sources only from 3M. That alone guarantee's the quality and technology that goes into creating your skins is the very best in the industry. We carefully select each pattern with the customer in mind. Final decisions are not only for the look but also to ensure the material is 100% compatible for device wrapping. You can get protected and fashionable at the same time with our latest product models and styles. Besides our online store, you can also find us in some of the major retail stores throughout the world.











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