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First remove the skin from the release paper and place it back on about an inch above the backing’s bottom edge.


Align to Speaker holes

Next, align the speaker holes on the skin over the speaker holes on the phone and press down firm on the bottom only. Do not press down on the side tabs yet. If desired, you can apply a small amount of heat from a hairdryer to help keep the vinyl attached for the next step.


Transfer Backing Paper and Align to Camera & Logo

Remove the release paper and re-align it horizontally between the top and bottom of the skin. Align the skin's camera and logo cutouts to the camera and logo  on your phone. Press around the edges to secure the skin. Remove the release paper from the middle and smooth out the back skin.


Heat Sides and Roll Over Edges

Now, hold a hair dryer, on low heat settings, slightly above the phone and heat the sides of the skin only. Gently place the edge of the phone on a soft surface and roll it over to secure the skin around the sides. Give the sides a final shot of heat and smooth out with a lint free cloth to remove any rough edges. For the corners, again apply some heat to the edges and slowly roll the corners into place with your finger. If the corners don't seem to align perfectly, let the skin cool, pull it up gently and retry. The vinyl can be manipulated with a small amount of heat by gently stretching and pressing. Again, add some more heat and rub down with a cloth to create a seamless finish.